Health Services & Referral

Community Nursing Services

Community Nursing Services Health Information, monitoring, and assessment by a Public Health Nurse is available in the home by request or referral for South Milwaukee  (SM) residents of all ages. Health information may also be requested over the telephone or by office appointment. Examples of some of the types of Home Visits provided by the Public Health Nurses include:

  • Well Baby visits to High risk infants and mothers
  • Home Safety Assessments for children and families, and elderly
  • Growth and Development assessment using Ages and Stages Developmental Screening Assessments for children 3 months to 6 years
  • Elderly home visits for wellness checks
  • Environmental/hoarding visits in coordination with other City Departments
  • Visits for follow up on all client referrals from clients themselves, other City Departments such as the Police and Fire Departments, schools, hospitals, and physician offices.

View the Newborn Information and Parent Resources available.

School Community Involvement 

The Public Health Nurses provide service to the schools in the community through consultation on general health concerns with students, for parents, and to school staff. The Public Health Nurses provide school based immunization clinics as needed, coordinate vision screening and refer children in need of follow-up. The Public Health Nurses provide health education on topics that include nutrition, effects of tobacco use, growth and development and hygiene, and provide hearing screening on request.


Please consider donating unused, unexpired medications, syringes and medication equipment to Repairers of the Breach Clinic located at:
1335 W Vliet Street
Milwaukee, WI 53205
Phone: 414-342-1065

If the clinic is not able to use items, they are donated to a medical mission. Call the Health Department at 414-768-8055 if you need more information.

Well Woman Program 

The Health Department registers women for the Wisconsin Well Woman Program. This program offers breast and cervical health screenings including a mammogram, for women who are age and income eligible.

Smoking Cessation

Do you smoke? If you are recognizing the health effects of smoking or the effects of second-hand smoke on household members, perhaps it is time to consider quitting. Maybe you have tried before, and now is a good time to try again. People often make several attempts before they finally quit for good. 

Treatment Facility

Are you concerned about someone with a substance abuse or mental health problem?? Do you have a substance abuse or mental health problem and want or need help?? Find a treatment facility.

STD Facility

Every year STDs cost the U.S. healthcare system $17 billion- and cost individuals even more in immediate and long-term health consequences, including infertility. 20 million new cases of STDs occur every year! Get yourself tested.

For more information go to the Get Tested page.