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  1. Coronavirus Under a Microscope

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

    Get updates on closures and updates for COVID-19. Click Here for Additional Info...
  2. Bucyrus Foundation Grant

    Bucyrus Foundation Announces $10 Million Investment in South Milwaukee

    The Bucyrus Foundation has committed to a $10 million investment in economic development, schools, public and greenspaces, and nonprofits over the next 10 years. Additional Info...
  3. WEDC Bounceback Grant

    WEDC Bounceback Grants

    The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation is now offering $10,000 grants for new and existing businesses moving into vacant commercial properties. Additional Info...
  4. Equity and Inclusion Commission Business List

    Equity & Inclusion Commission Business List

    The Equity & Inclusion Commission would like to develop a comprehensive list of LGBTQ+, Women, and Minority owned businesses in South Milwaukee. If your business identifies with one or more than one of these categories, please fill out our form. Fill out the form...
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